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Words even more relevant today. ...

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“Listen at your own risk,“ says Steve Fuller about “Asleep in the Light” in his Living By Faith blog. And let’s listen again too. melody
I had another worship song I thought I’d be posting today.
But as I looked for that song, I stumbled upon Keith Green’s “Asleep in the Light.”

I listened—and God brought me to tears with deep longing to see people saved. And I thought—I need to post this song.


This is a convicting song. Listen at your own risk.

It’s Keith Green sounding like fiery John the Baptist out in the wilderness—exposing our sin, urging us to repent, waking us up to lost people around us.

But after a stern call to repentance, the song ends with God tenderly calling us to come away and be with Him.

Maybe the point is that God calls us to repent, but also to come to Him to for assurance of forgiveness, security in His love, and strength to obey.

Or maybe it’s the promise that when our lives are over we will be with Him forever—which will make whatever we’ve suffered well worth it.

Either way—it’s a powerful ending to a convicting song.

Listen to this song—
* if you need more compassion for the lost.
* if you feel spiritually dull.
* if it’s been a while since you’ve been convicted of sin.
* if you need a kick in the pants.
Steve Fuller, Living By Faith Blog 2/4/13, livingbyfaithblog.com/2013/02/04/keith-green-asleep-in-the-light/

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Sure miss this man... His presence. His voice into the nations. Heaven will be sweet. melody www.facebook.com/melodygreenofficialpage ...

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Wanted to show the love in Keith's eyes for one of our "still wet" newborns... Especially on this day when people are standing so publicly FOR LIFE:) ...

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